She Invests Wisely

I know many military wives who travel to an upcoming duty station to rent or purchase a home sans husband. Words like equity, escrow, amortization, earnest money, HUD, VHA, and closing costs do not intimidate these warrior sisters. They are like the woman who buys a field in Proverbs 31.

I am not suggesting you aspire to make such a big decision as purchasing a house on your own. What I will suggest is that you follow the example described in Proverbs 31:16. Whether alone or together, you need to follow two principles we see described in this verse.

First, give proper consideration before making a major purchase. Decide if this is the best thing for you to do at this time. In the case of a home, weigh the competing factors of buying, renting, or living on a military installation. During my husband’s first military assignment, we had assumed that buying a home was the best thing to do. We met with a realtor and even put earnest money down for a house. We knew nothing about military life and did not realize that our quality of life would be higher if we lived on that particular military installation. When we realized this, we ended up having to give up our earnest money to live in military quarters, but we have never regretted that decision. We have not always lived on military installations, but at that time it was the best choice.

We see the second principle in the way the wise woman in Proverbs 31:16 planted a vineyard. She had a long-term goal and did not expect immediate gratification. You do not get fruit right after planting. It will often be years before you can profit from mature crops. The principle is to look ahead at how major financial decisions will affect your future.

Your family’s financial situation needs to strengthen you as a family unit. Your confidence in each other will grow with each good decision. You can better enjoy what you have today when you view it as an investment in your future. Soon you can be in a position to do the things you want, have the things you need, and live in generosity because you do not live paycheck to paycheck.

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