United We Stand

Rachel and Leah took initiative to change their situation. Jacob called a family meeting and—perhaps surprisingly—these three had a calm discussion about their future. They created a united front against Laban and his injustice. Together they conversed as partners, made a decision, and stood in solidarity concerning their next move. They united in purpose, voice, and action as they decided to leave Laban and move to Canaan.

Family challenges have the potential to create closeness or bring division. Early in his marriage, Steven felt compelled to connect with his parents about the challenging issues he faced as a husband. His parents were good and godly people but did not at first recognize the danger in Steven’s dependence upon them. They convinced themselves that their discussions were “wise counsel.” When Steven’s wife realized these discussions were going on without her, she felt justifiably threatened.

Steven’s mom recalls the night she received a call from her son. “He told us he felt convicted for coming to us and in essence complaining about his wife. He said he needed to practice working things out with his wife instead of griping to us about her. I felt sad and happy at the same time. Sad that our connection with him would change, but happy and proud that the change would be a healthy move toward my son cherishing his wife and becoming more united as a couple.”

Steven’s mom reports that her son and his wife continue to have challenges, but now they work together to resolve their issues and have become closer as a result. No family is immune to challenges, but we can look at every challenge as an opportunity to grow closer, and every difficulty as an opportunity to stand united.

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