A Change of Course

When you put all you can do in the hands of the Lord, he can make it more than

The day the prophet Samuel knocked on the door of Jesse’s home changed David’s life forever. God had sent Samuel to recruit the one he had chosen to be Israel’s next king. Instead of a signature on an official form, Samuel sealed the deal by pouring oil on David’s head. The anointing of oil carried a contractual or covenental significance between God and David.

As with David, the day your husband signed his name on Uncle Sam’s dotted line changed the course of his life—and yours. God used a prophet with David, but the Lord can just as easily use a military recruiter to set you on a new path.

It is probable that with the oil still dripping from his chin, David began to mentally and spiritually pack his bags for the inevitable first move. Recruiters say, “Join the military and see the world.” The world is a big place. After your husband raised his right hand, and before the movers knocked on your door, the important question was, “Where are we going first?”

The verbal picture the recruiter painted of your first assignment location likely looked different from what was printed in black and white on the contract above your husband’s signature. David probably asked himself some of the same questions you did. After all, Samuel anointed David to be king when he was still too young to enlist in the military, and he did not become king until he was thirty years old. David, and eventually his family, made multiple moves before he unpacked his bags in the palace.

Sister, God authorized each step of David’s journey from unnoticed shepherd boy to king. He was at work in all the awkward situations and moves in which David found himself. When Samuel anointed him, David might not have anticipated that packing up and moving, at times with very short notice, would be a necessary aspect of serving as king.

For military families, even though PCS includes the provision of professional packers, the preparation for a PCS move can be awkward and trying. Yes, I heard you shout, “Amen!” This week we will look at a few of David’s PCS moves. Perhaps we will learn something that will help us navigate our own PCS process.

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