A Beautiful Child

If you are a parent, you no doubt remember the first time your eyes fell upon your child. The little scrunched-up wonder was beautiful to you. You knew this was no ordinary child.

I can imagine these same thoughts went through Jochebed’s mind as she looked at Moses. In fact, enjoy this little-known piece of Bible trivia: Did you know Moses is the only baby described as beautiful in the Bible?

My heart goes out to Jochebed as I envision her looking at her newborn boy. Times were tense. A new Pharaoh meant grave danger for her baby boy. Would he even have the opportunity to grow up and exercise his unique gifts, talents, and strengths?

My children share DNA, but they are different in temperament, looks, and abilities. The way my husband and I parent each of them is different. We work toward consistent principles, but their individual needs are different. For instance, during our PCS moves, one child would make friends quickly while the other one needed more time to adjust.

I look at each of my children and ask God to help me see and respect their unique qualities. How does that work its way out in every day living? Author Kenneth Boa suggests the recognition of individuality and dignity of each family member shows up through a positive and encouraging attitude. Boa elaborates:

When people are sarcastic rather than supportive, relationships disintegrate. Since it takes about five positive comments to overcome one negative remark, it is important for parents to be on their children’s teams, not on their backs. They should avoid favoritism and comparisons of one child with another. It is especially important for parents to openly admit their mistakes and ask forgiveness from their children when they embarrass or insult them, break a promise, or mistreat them. In this way, honesty and esteem for each individual become ingrained in the thinking of the children.

Each of our children, created in the image of God, possesses their own unique beauty. Our job as parents is to help that beauty to blossom as they fulfill God’s will for their lives.

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