Go Forward!

I do not swim well. In a pool, I stay close to the edge so I can quickly grab it if I feel like I might sink. That edge means safety to me.

I wonder how many of the Israelites could not swim well. The Israelites faced the challenge of walking through walls of water with no edge to hold on to and no defensive shield to hold the water back. My response would be: Push me, carry me, or knock me out, then tell me when we are on the other side.

I have felt overwhelmed when my husband has been deployed. On those days, I wished someone could just knock me out and revive me when it was over. Melodramatic, yes. Honest, yes. I did not want to think about a tidal wave of loneliness that could crush me, a wave of responsibility that could engulf me, or a tsunami of fear that could overpower me.

You have to sometimes overcome what should be a natural fear. The Israelites did not have to make the entire journey to the Promised Land through walls of water, but the first part of the journey presented a huge challenge. They had to take a step of trust. They faced a legitimate fear. If anyone could stand frozen in fear, it was these sojourners. Except, God was the one who held the walls of water from overtaking them.

Some days of deployment will bring more struggle than other days. The sad truth is that we often bow out of the struggle before we gain the strength that can come from the struggle. Hard things can produce strength, and struggle is an essential ingredient of any forward movement.

Just as the Lord released the water at just the right time to drown the enemies of Israel, he can drown your fears and your discontentment. He can drown anything that may threaten your personal victory in him. With God, you can move forward. Do not abandon the struggle too soon.

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