A Little Help

If money were no object, which tasks would you hire out and which ones would you want to do yourself? Such a list will look different for each person. For most of us, money is a limited resource. However, the list you made can be a guide for where to look for a little help. Have you considered some creative ways to make that happen?

If you are a mom, you probably would enjoy having some help with your kids. Fortunately, there are positive activities for your kids such as the Awana youth program, a military chapel youth program like Club Beyond, scouting, youth center sports, and shared co-op childcare. Such activities can benefit your child, and create a little respite time for you. If the father-in-law of Moses were here, he would encourage you to take advantage of such things and enjoy a little time for yourself.

The military also offers assistance in other areas to include help with filing taxes, legal assistance, and career guidance. Counseling is available through military chaplains and Military OneSource. Honestly, there is no reason for you to go through a deployment depending only on your own resources.

We are all different in what we are able to handle, but we are all the same in our need to experience some margin and personal space. We need to take a lesson from Moses who thought it was easier to just do things alone. Yes, sometimes that is easier, but sometimes it is an excuse to try to stay in control of a situation.

The bottom line is if Moses—a called-by-God leader who God often filled with supernatural powers—needed some help, maybe you do too. Moses needed help when his personal resources were not enough to be effective. He needed a process to keep the work and responsibility from backing up and to avoid becoming inefficient. He stayed busy and always had something to do, but he was not doing it in the most efficient manner.

There are many tasks you must do, but you do not have to do everything yourself. Consider taking some time to tap into other resources and set priorities. Moses heeded his father-in-law’s advice and started to take only the most important cases.

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