Need-to-Know Basis

I do not like people to keep me in the dark. I do not like people to keep me guessing. I do not like situations that are a need-to-know basis and someone has decided I do not need to know. What about you?

Unfortunately, deployment comes with the condition of information being disseminated on a need-to-know basis. As a deployed wife, I am not privy to discussions that directly affect my husband militarily. I cannot enter operation cells, step on a battlefield, and know details of location or mission. I may hear rumors, but until someone informs me through official channels, I am in the dark. Such situations force me to exercise trust in the military leadership.

The journey for the Israelites brought them to Mt. Sinai where Moses would meet God on behalf of the people. God did not allow the Israelites to go up the mountain and be a part of the conversation. They had to trust in Moses as their leader and believe that he would tell them what they needed to know. God kept even his select people in the dark regarding what was going on between him and Moses at that moment. Eventually, Moses informed the Israelites of all they needed to know about God and his grace.

The purpose of the Word of God is to teach us everything we need to know about God and his grace. Over thousands of years and by numerous authors of the Holy Scriptures, God revealed his plan of redemption through Jesus.

My sister, the plan of redemption is good news we all need to know. Praise God, he does not keep us in the dark!

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