Orientation Tour

The sign read: “Guided tour to the places that matter to you!”

The advertisement was for the Orientation Tour at our latest duty station. I was not keen on being herded on and off a bus, but I was tired of getting lost. I needed someone to show me. As hard as it was for me, I signed up. I got on the bus, and you know what? The tour was a pleasant surprise. I not only learned physical locations of places, but I discovered great resources my new community had to offer. An added bonus was meeting some other newcomers.

The promise of God to Abraham in Genesis 12:1 was for him to go to “a land that I am going to show you.” Sounds like an Orientation Tour to me. Yet I cannot compare the tour Abraham signed up for and the tour I took. I had a good idea of the stops along the way. Abraham knew nothing. God asked Abraham to “get on the bus” and trust that God would show him the places he was to go. Sisters, dedication is joining God’s tour before you know where it is going or what you will experience.

The New Testament book of Hebrews describes Abraham as a man who lived by faith. Abraham could tell you specifically what he left behind to follow God’s call, but what was ahead was a big question mark. The call for each of us to follow God is not a call to trust in a plan, but to trust a person. God would show him places along the way, but as we saw in our first journey, Abraham’s Orientation Tour was not so much about geography as it was about relationship. 

Abraham had a willingness to go where God would lead. God had much to show Abraham. He has much to show you. Are you willing to take his tour?

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