In Need of Rescue

“The military is like a big family!” said a new military wife to me after her husband’s first few months on active duty service. My response to her was a resounding, “Yes, it is!”

I did not know what it was like to live in community until I became a military wife. I remember looking out my window at one assignment to see dozens of children playing in our backyard. The neighbors followed an unwritten code to watch out for each other, especially when it came to the children. The result of living so close was an awareness of needs. At times that was a little uncomfortable, but it was more about helping than getting in each other’s business. The blessings outweighed the frustrations. If I was ever in a jam, they came to my rescue.

Abraham’s nephew Lot found himself in a jam. The choice he made to take the best land for himself led to consequences that put him in danger. Can’t you see Abraham shaking his head in frustration over Lot’s predicament? I would not blame Abraham if he had said, “He got himself in this mess and he can get himself out.” But instead he gathered his troops and went out to rescue him.

Lot’s situation was an extreme case, but the dedication Abraham displayed towards him is not unlike a military wife who has the opportunity to help others in her community. Jesus commands us to love others as he loved us (John 15:12–13). Each of us has an occasion to show Christ’s love every day.

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