They Set Out

“She set her sights on the goal.”

“She was set up for success.”

“Her heart is set on it.”

The use of the word set in these statements creates a context of determination and focus, doesn’t it? The mood of Genesis 12:5 would be different if it read: “They began their journey toward the land of Canaan.” Abraham did not just start the journey—he set out!

Someone who sets out has a goal in mind and will make an earnest attempt to accomplish that goal. Abraham and his household set out with purpose to see the Promised Land. They set out determined that they would not get distracted and would reach their destination.

The journey no doubt brought emotional upheaval, but it also brought physical challenge. The expedition from Haran to Canaan was about five hundred miles. The paths were rough and the pace was slow. Imagine hiking the Appalachian Trail with your kids and all your belongings for five hundred miles. I don’t know about you, but my set out would quickly turn to sit down!

Abraham had to see the goal of God’s promise in his mind to be able to make such a trek. That is the way of any goal, isn’t it? We have to own it. We have to set our minds on achievement in order to accomplish the goal.

Have you ever thought about goals as they relate to military life? In other words, what kind of military wife have you set out to become? I encourage you today not to view military life as a temporary state of existence, but to set goals for this season of your life. Whether short term goals for your current duty station, or long term goals for the time of your husband’s military obligation, there are important questions you can ask yourself to bring focus and determination to your journey.

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