The Area Code of Faith

You know you’re a military wife when … your driver’s license, car registration, phone area code, and zip code are each from a different state.

There was a time when that description fit me. All the official necessities are now correctly registered in the state in which I reside. My cell phone number, however, remains the same. I have long since left the 910 area code, but I have kept that number. Why? Because it is symbolic of a place where my faith grew exponentially.

In that area code I called out to God…

…when I was lonely and he reminded me of his presence.

…when I was afraid and he reminded me of his protection.

…when I was discouraged and he reminded me of his hope.

…when I was vulnerable and he reminded me of his help.

…when I was anxious and he reminded me of his peace.

…when I was weak and he reminded me of his strength.

In that area code God strengthened me for the journey ahead. I left that place stronger in my faith and more confident of my eternal purpose. I do not plan to change my cell phone number because its area code is a spiritual landmark. Without a doubt an area code is an unusual landmark of faith, but a landmark can be anything that brings to remembrance an aspect of spiritual history and formation.

Shechem and Bethel became landmarks of faith for Abraham. God shared a few more details with him at Shechem about the promise to make his name great. In response, Abraham built an altar in confirmation of and silent thanksgiving for the promise of God.

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