Four Friends and a Roof

Military wives are the most resourceful and creative people you can find. As one put it, “We could give MacGyver a run for his money.” Read Mark 2:1–5 and you could believe a Roman soldier’s wife was outside the crowded house telling the paralytic man’s friends how to get him to Jesus. Lowering him through the roof is the kind of creative solution a military wife would use.

As a military wife, I also identify with the friendship represented in this story. Military wives make the best friends. The paralytic man’s friends were willing to go to extreme measures to get their friend to Jesus. They did not let the barrier of the crowd intimidate them. They did not let the barrier of the roof intimidate them. They dug out the mud roof, removed the wood crossbeams, and lowered their disabled friend into the presence of Jesus. What an entrance!

I cannot help but be inspired by this man’s creative friends. In Mark 2:5, notice that Jesus saw their faith. There is no mention of words of faith being spoken, but there is an action of faith demonstrated by the friends. Their action said they believed in the healing power of Jesus and they got creative in finding a way for their friend to encounter that power. The paralytic was made whole that day. Jesus healed his body, but he also forgave his sins.

Sisters, we are on a mission to point people to Christ so they can be made whole. God can use our faith to make a difference in the lives of others.

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