“We Interrupt this Journey…”

My friend and fellow military wife Gwen has a great sign hanging on the wall of her kitchen. It reads, “Interruptions are my ministry.” Is that how you view interruptions?

Military wives know something about interruptions, don’t we? Military orders do not come with a courtesy call to find out if now is a convenient time. Some of the military interruptions I’ve experienced include:

An interruption of a career

An interruption of a holiday celebration

An interruption of a school semester

An interruption of a vacation

An interruption while on a date with my husband …

I could go on—as could you.

Have you noticed, as you read through the journeys of Jesus in the Gospel of Mark, how often he is interrupted? At least that is what it looks like from our perspective. This blind man sitting by the side of the road is one of many examples. Did Jesus really experience interruptions or was he just fulfilling his plan for his earthly ministry? Look at the way he responded to interruptions. There is no hint of annoyance or frustration about blind Bartimaeus breaking into his schedule. Instead, he met this interruption, like all the others, with compassionate service to whoever approached him.

I have to ask myself: What if the interruptions in my life are opportunities to reach out to others and further mature me as a Christ follower? Can God even use interruptions from the military to make that happen?

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