You Can Do It!

“We can do it!” are the words emblazoned on the iconic World War II motivational poster featuring a woman who became known as Rosie the Riveter. As America’s men went to fight in the war, women were recruited to fill the colossal gaps in the factory workforce. Rosie the Riveter was an empowering figure as she challenged women to carry out an important mission for the nation.

The dramatic pronouncement from heaven here in Mark 1 is a moment of heavenly empowerment. Jesus is commissioned by God to do the work for which he was prepared. The Spirit confirms that he is equipped for the role. In essence, Jesus is reminded with words from his Father that he is not alone. “You are my beloved Son; with you I am well pleased” are words of approval and empowerment. The words communicate the competence of Jesus to fulfill the mission before him. In a loose paraphrase, God is saying: “You can do it!” Jesus could do it because he is the Son of God. He could do it because the Holy Spirit empowered and equipped him.

Empowerment is that intangible something that enables me to hold my head up high, walk with confidence, and do something positive with the influence that is mine. When I’m empowered, I have that Rosie the Riveter attitude of “I can do it!” As a Christ follower I know that my “can do” must come from reliance on the Holy Spirit’s work within me. Thank God that the same power that equipped and empowered Jesus for ministry is available to each of us!

Sisters, God does not send us on mission on our own. He empowers us. He equips us. He says to us, “With my help, you can do it!”

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